Make best use of your investments with Quality People, Creative Cost Efficient Options, and Intelligent Solutions. We strongly believe in a customer-focused culture and leave nothing to chance when it comes to supporting our clients. We combine best of breed practices and technologies to provide high value solutions to our clients. Our team works with all levels in an organization, always striving to provide consistent service and attentive involvement.


Implement operational solutions and deliver business value.

We deliver faultless technical implementation and provide our customers with optimized benefits from using our Technology. Our team leaves nothing to chance when time comes to supporting our clients. The depth of experience of our professional services is unparalleled. The entire consulting team has a profound knowledge in all the business matters that our software supports.

Every project we run will receive the same level of time, attention, and care. Clients have access to our Project Management and Product Consulting teams, as well as to our Senior Business Consultants, whose collective mission is to guide clients through all phases of the implementation and ensure successful delivery of our solution within agreed time frames. Whatever happens our team will deliver.


Gain the knowledge and skills you need to maximize the value to your business.

It is crucial to deliver proactive educational preparation to ensure that clients and partners are quickly acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills essential to the successful deployment, use, maintenance, and upgrade of our solutions.

We offer full curriculums, designed to get users up to speed and keep systems running efficiently, helping to make organization as productive as possible.

We provide demonstrations, discussions, lectures, and hands-on exercises. Our role-specific classes focus on technical facets of the iDETECT® solutions as well as business issues and processes. We make sure that you get the knowledge and skills you need to maximize the value our technology brings to your business.


Choose from our wide range of support & maintenance options.

Our professional technical support teams provides you with information, expert technical assistance in using our product, information on software releases, and answer all questions related to product functionality and provide suggestions for improving your applications.

We provide support and maintenance services with a large choice of possibilities to solve virtually any request concerning help desk and user support, technical support, and access to product updates. Our coverage is 24/7/365 as required to work for the most demanding clients.

Whatever happens, a dedicated support staff will always ensure the prompt and accurate resolution of your requests. Every inquiry is professionally tracked from the time contact is initiated until a jointly agreed upon resolution is reached.


Accelerate deployment cycles and increase return on investment.

Benefit from a low operational cost, which makes it highly appealing for replacing legacy applications or meeting new requirements without incurring heavy internal budget commitments.

iDETECT® can be deployed as a Service (SaaS). We exclusively use renowned Tier III & IV data centers with a PSF (Professional of the financial sector) status in Luxembourg. We encrypt database up to 256-bit keys, and we always provide secure communications using https as well as a certification mechanisms. Specific requirements like establishing a VPN or a dedicated line can be implemented for the most demanding clients. Our aim is to deliver our world-class technology to all types of organizations, including those who do not want to make upfront investments. Flexibility is the word.

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