Our solution provides the latest technological features and enhancements required to reduce exposure to money laundering and illicit transactions, therefore protecting reputational risk by increasing efficiency and effectiveness while reducing dramatically the total cost of ownership.

Stay Compliant

Eradicate the threat of unwillingly facilitating wrongdoing, avoid penalties and reputational risk.

Get Return-On-Investment

Create cross-functional interactions and break down silos to enable savings and improvements.

Improve Practices

Use technological advances to refuse status quo and make a major step forward.

Gain Visibility

Benefit from unprecedented real-time visibility into end-to-end compliance activities and optimize business processes.


Our clients realize superior protection and faster time-to-compliance with iDETECT® next generation detection features that provide complete coverage of money laundering behaviours. We incorporate a highly scalable, effective and efficient Transaction Monitoring engine, which is delivered with standard AML detection strategies across many lines of business covering all symptomatic typologies (placement, layering, integration and structuring).
Additionally, our adaptive controls can keep the letter and spirit of ever-changing regulations. All aspects of the chosen detection strategy can be managed by business users reducing dependencies between the IT organization and the vendor, which is translated immediately in a high return-on-investment.

Ultimate Detection Coverage

Operational Reporting At Its Best


Our reporting module is designed to provide a nearly unlimited number of MIS and operational reports which monitor and report on all aspects of the iDETECT®. Such a visibility improves reputation with regulators and results in less frequent, shorter audits.
Unlike third party Business Intelligence tools, our reporting module is fully integrated with the role-based security model, which ensures sensitive information is protected, while offering reporting and drill-down capability for those with appropriate permissions. iDETECT® provides differentiated information to each user, depending on their business unit, role, or geographic profile. Through the use of role based dashboards, individual investigators, supervisors, managers and directors can view numerous graphs with content relevant to each user’s needs.


iDETECT® supports all business units of a financial institution, in multiple geographies. This allows firms to leverage their compliance investment across business lines and to ensure a common level of compliance throughout the most complex organizations.
Our technology is inherently designed to meet the requirements of a global client base with diverse and evolving AML requirements. The solution respects the fact that organizations have multiple business units, specific organization structures, which must meet multiple regulatory requirements and address country-level functional requirements. We effectively cope with evolving structures that change over time and facilitate change management within the platform.

Enterprise-Wide Compliance

Break The Silos


The total cost of buying and maintaining different tools for different matters became prohibitive. Traditional “case management”, “filtering” or “profiling” silo-based software face serious challenges in order to be adopted as an enterprise investigative platform as they were not typically designed with the combination of canned analytics required to get up and running quickly and comprehensively.
iDETECT® provides an unprecedented level of configurability, extensibility, and scalability which is expected from modern enterprise applications. Instead of looking at alerts by silo and/or by point in time, we break the silos and provide a single framework to capture and manage the whole spectrum of risk.

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