In a domain where information is massive but substantiated facts rare, we provide an extremely powerful solution. Enterprises, Governments, and Law Firms can now securely manage legal, regulatory, and investigative matters using a single browser-based application that can handle big data volumes.

Clean Interface

Get more utility and productivity out of your data with an incredibly rich user experience.

Top Security

Benefit from exceptional security measures for safeguarding your valuable information assets.

Advanced Features

Reduce drastically the amount of upfront labor associated with data collection, collation, and analysis.

High Performance

Consume data from a wide variety of sources without volume, variety and velocity constraints.


Deploy iDETECT® as a central repository featuring fully integrated multi-matter support. This powerful capability enables any number of analysts or attorneys to operate securely on any number of cases within the same virtual workspace, on the same set of documents—independently or in collaboration—without compromising confidentiality.
The central repository uses 256-bit keys encryption technology (TOP SECRET for NATO) to protect the data that will be stored into it. Built specifically to meet the requirements of the most challenging environments, iDETECT® offers everything your team needs for comprehensive, defensible, and accurate results in the domain of litigation and investigatory matters.

Secure Collaboration

Actionable Intelligence


Handle millions of records per case, with all the features you need in a litigation database, like transcripts, field level security, detailed document audit history, and more. Our technology complements or replaces self-collection or automated collection tools as needed to formulate case strategies rapidly.
The iDETECT® detection engine automatically alerts to key facts earlier in the e-discovery process and gets early insight into potential evidence as it’s found. Understand what’s in the data and act on it with multiple conceptual views and ultimately find out the facts. When identifying probable evidence, analyse its merits and define a strategy that can be improved over time.


Based on machine-learning, statistics, algorithms, or based on rules, iDETECT® Canned Analytics derive conceptual meaning from documents and text by using one concept, which can be defined by a few sentences, a few paragraphs, even an entire document, to find all the other similar concepts in a collection of documents.
Use NextGen semantic-based link analysis, which can be used for clustering proprietary or web documents into semantic or conceptual collections. The technology looks at individual words, how they are used, and how frequently they appear together to identify patterns across tens or hundreds of thousands of documents. The iDETECT® index contains values that ultimately show how everything is related to everything else.

Canned Analytics

Deployment Flexibility


Get maximum flexibility to suit your needs and way of operating. For instance, data collection and preservation can stay on your premises (encrypted and behind two firewalls), providing security and control of electronic data. Concurrently, you can enable collaboration among a geographically disseminated team with disparate infrastructures through a fully secure Virtual Private Network.
Authorized users access the application and their data through their regular browser. iDETECT® and its supporting architecture can be either rented, leased, or acquired depending on your operational needs.

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