Today’s attackers look for and exploit of any vulnerability they can find in a network. Cyber security teams typically use many endpoint solutions to defend from common cyber threats. We challenged ourselves to propose the best, most forward-looking way possible to propose a multi-channels integrated solution.

Clean Interface

Get more utility and productivity out of your data with an incredibly rich user experience.

Threat Response

Prevent and deter threats using any field across any data over any timeframe.

Advanced Features

Reduce drastically the amount of upfront labor associated with data collection, collation, and analysis.

High Performance

Consume data from a wide variety of sources without volume, variety and velocity constraints.


Extend your perimeter defenses by corroborating the data coming from multiple channels like IPS/IDS, NetFlow, anti-malware, firewalls, and more. With iDETECT® you can isolate the key relationships between users, devices, and systems that are symptomatic of a network attack.
By using monitoring, profiling and anomaly detection capabilities emanating from SIEM technology you can enrich your risk coverage and visually represent the malicious patterns within your data to get a fuller picture of the threat landscape. Our technology complements SIEM solution by leveraging next generation of analytics and generates real-time alerts to investigators for matters that require instantaneous action.

Boost Your Operational Understanding

Defeat Phishing And Identify Theft


iDETECT® monitors IP address to look for access from an unusual location, especially in conjunction with changes in access in other data streams which may be a result of a phishing attack. When enterprises are blasted by IP addresses appearing across network sensors, third party feeds, and peer enterprises our technology evaluates risk by weighing each disparate source.
Concurrently, our detection scenarios search for potential misuse of social security numbers, names, addresses or dates of birth in applications for credit and services. Every application access logs, Active Directory records, HR files, VPN activity, authorization systems, and other data sources are correlated enabling analysis of access rights across multiple channels.


iDETECT ® performs behavior analytics on any parameter that can signal an attack. For instance, speed of browsing can be analyzed through various perspectives (peer grouping, profiling, geographical …) to pinpoint comportment outside of the humanly possible range and immediately alert the security analysts. Resulting cases are ranked by relevance and presented to the user through the GUI, via email or even SMS. The analyst can triage these cases and then drill down on any particular anomaly to investigate it further. The algorithms improve over time as investigations are closed and new information emerges, Analysts can track how cyber risks evolve over time and tactically alleviate sophisticated attacks.

Prevent Sophisticated Attacks

Interact With All Data


Unstructured data like email, print logs, facility access logs, and internal chat logs can be integrated into the iDETECT® environment, providing a collaborative, powerful and scalable solution that recognizes and extracts relevant items of information hidden in plain text. Text analytics expose the nature of your informational assets and help boosting the efficiency and scalability of all processes involving the management, distribution, access and analysis of large amounts of textual content revealing previously out of sight evidence.
We provide syntactical, statistical, taxonomy-based and machine-learning driven models, enabling to power large scale multilingual information extraction applications across a comprehensive range of use cases.

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