The fraud landscape is evolving very rapidly. Traditional payment methods including cash and check are in decline, being replaced by electronic alternatives that increase fraud exposure. User Behavior Analytics transform fraud management practices by helping to build a multi-dimensional model which can adapt to changes in the environment.

Gain Knowledge

Increase visibility and situational responsiveness into large network behaviors.

Threat Response

Prevent and deter threats using any field across any data over any timeframe.

Improve Practices

Use technological advances to refuse status quo and make a major step forward.

High Performance

Consume data from a wide variety of sources without volume, variety and velocity constraints.


Analyze the behaviour of customers, counterparties, employees, and partners in every transaction and event across the enterprise, from every viewpoint; past, present, and future, empowering you to act with precision and confidence.
Today, the work of sophisticated criminals and crime networks includes increasingly effective schemes that defraud governments, companies and individuals. iDETECT® is designed to find sophisticated fraudsters that other fraud detection system miss. Our technology changes radically the way you fight fraud with breakthrough technology and unique canned analytics built right into a fully integrated platform.
Designed to delivers state-of-the-art performance, it has everything you need to build a fraud protection layer completely customized to what you need and how you work.

Next Generation Analytics

Cover All Channels


Combine structured and unstructured data, as well as financial and non-financial sources of information to provide an unprecedented view of fraud, which can capture fraud typologies not visible in silo-based solutions.
iDETECT® is a cross-channel and cross-product behaviour using machine learning and intelligence-driven big data analytics. Besides providing a variety of next generation tools to analysts, the solution can highlight common point of compromise in various channels.
Truly Data and Database-agnostic the platform is natively designed to function with any type of data and database management system (DBMS). Inbound and outbound integration is seamless saving hours of tedious work.


Predict and pre-empt questionable activity faster and more cost effectively: Blocking transactions in real-time, reacting to fraud or attempted fraud with automated response management, and predictive modelling are provided by default in iDETECT®.
Our technology is designed to mine the overall information landscape in real time, providing a comprehensive real-time view of identities, access, and activities across all enterprise applications, systems, and resources.
Our detection approach is fundamentally adaptive, with parameters that self-tune resulting in fewer false positives than strict rules-based approaches. Our APIs and Web services automate response management and the routine tasks which need to be carried out in response to a confirmed fraud event.

Anticipate Questionable Activity

Gain Control


Gain complete control over your detection engine. We offer solutions beyond traditional controls over rules and thresholds and provide in-depth control over all aspects of the detection process including data enrichment, adding additional profile data attributes and managing data sources.
When competitor products are often blackbox, the iDETECT® detection engine is non-proprietary as it uses Pseudo-Natural Language (PNL). This means that the detection models are transparent and interpretable by regular users. Creating or changing detection strategies has never been easier. Gone are the days of highly technical and repetitive tasks. Now it all happens within a few clicks.

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