Our solution offers an end-to-end solution from initial onboarding to ongoing due diligence solving a range of regulatory, data management, and operational challenges. Designed to delivers state-of-the-art performance without volume, variety and velocity constraints, we set up new standards in the domain.

Get Return-On-Investment

Create cross-functional interactions and break down silos to enable savings and improvements.

Improve Practices

Use technological advances to refuse status quo and make a major step forward.

Gain Visibility

Benefit from unprecedented real-time visibility into end-to-end compliance activities and optimize business processes.

High Performance

Consume data from a wide variety of sources without volume, variety and velocity constraints.


iDETECT® supports automated real-time screening of all new customers through various levels of investigations. Low-risk customers are immediately accepted, the full details of their score being logged for later retrieval whilst High-risk customers are flagged for Enhanced Due Diligence. Our solution enables to keep track of changes to each customer’s profile, re-evaluate his risk, and raise an ODD alert when a change in risk requires further investigator actions.
On top of it, our canned analytics assess and display the overall corporate structure and ownership model of legal entities. The identification of beneficial owners, which is an integral part of several regulations, has never been easier.

Ensure The Highest Level Of Compliance

Know Your Customer's Customer


Recently, several industry leaders and regulators have highlighted the necessity of knowing your customer's customer (KYCC). KYCC is much difficult to achieve than KYC because it requires far more than using regular list-screening technology or services.
For instance, in correspondent banking situation, knowing your Customer’s Customers is essential. iDETECT® incorporates a highly effective and efficient mechanism to identify customers’ of respondent banks.
Moreover, our proprietary algorithms enable to uniquely identify customers’ customers and to individually profile their behaviour. Our network analytics extract and display connections found in complex information flows, helping you to discover and see beyond your customer and perform regulatory surveillance at distant degrees of separation.


One of the cornerstones of our solution is its flexible customer risk rating engine that carries out the tasks of calculating a customer’s risk score, assigning a risk level and raising the necessary alerts according to circumstances.
Using iDETECT®, an authorized customer scoring specialist can manage the scoring engine configuration. Automated risk scoring and classification takes place at both at initial customer onboarding and ongoing due diligence, minimizing overall risk to your organization.
Beyond regular KYC, we provide solution for FATCA, Common Reporting Standards, 4th EU Money Laundering Directive, OTC Derivative Reform such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID II, Canadian Derivatives and APAC Derivatives like ASIC, HKMA and MAS.

Know The Full Risk Scope

Manage Onboarding Documents


iDETECT® handles unstructured data. It is designed to capture (OCR module), consolidate, remediate and update all customer data and documentation held in various repositories across the organisation, helping to build a profile of the legal or natural person and its various associations and relationships.
Our technology provides the ability to connect data through intelligent linkages to generate a comprehensive and accurate clients and counterparties profiles enabling you to make smarter risk-based decisions. We support Hadoop® and consequently offer low-cost big data storage methods, Once stored in Distributed File System big data volumes can be accessed or analysed in real time or near real time.

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